Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985-89)

In 1985, NBC aired a new TV movie pilot based upon the original series, combining four newly filmed stories with colorized footage of Hitchcock from the original series to introduce each segment. The Alfred Hitchcock Presents revival series debuted in the fall of 1985 and retained the same format as the pilot: newly filmed stories (a mixture of original works and updated remakes of original series episodes) with colorized introductions by Hitchcock.
Later Seasons
Anniversary Gift
Specialty of the House
The Final Twist
Animal Lovers
Killer Takes All
Hippocritic Oath
Murder Party
Full Disclosure
The Hunted P1
The Hunted P2
The Big Spin
Murder in Mind
Driving Under the Influence
In the Name of Science
Romance Machine
Diamonds Aren't Forever
My Dear Watson
Night Creatures
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