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All in the Family (1971–1979)

Carroll O'Connor as Archie Bunker: Frequently called a "lovable bigot", Archie was an assertively prejudiced blue-collar worker. A World War II veteran, Archie longs for better times when people sharing his viewpoint were in charge, as evidenced by the nostalgic theme song "Those Were the Days". Despite his bigotry, he is portrayed as loving and decent, as well as a man who is simply struggling to adapt to the constantly changing world, rather than someone motivated by hateful racism or prejudice. Note: Some of these videos have closed-captions.
Archie is Jealous

Season 3
Archie's Fraud
The Swingers
Flashback P1
Flashback P2
The Bowling Team

The Hospital
Archie Goes Too Far
Class Reunion
Gloria the Victim
Battle of the Month

Season 4
Having A Heat Wave

Still a Heat Wave
An Old Man
Archie and the Kiss
Archie the Gambler
Henry's Farewell
The Computer
The Games
Edith's Conversion
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