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Amos n' Andy

Amos 'n' Andy was a situation comedy set in the African-American community. It was very popular in the United States from the 1920s through the 1950s on both radio and television. Amos and Andy began as one of the first radio comedy series, originating from station WMAQ in Chicago. A television adaptation ran on CBS-TV from 1951 until 1953, and continued in syndicated reruns from 1954 until 1966.
Season 1
Kingfish Gets Drafted
Kingfish's Secretary
Young Girl's Mother
The Rare Coin
Kingfish has a Baby
Counterfeiters Rent Basement
Sapphire Disappears
The Winslow Woman
The Gun
Call Lehigh 4-9900
Leroy Lends a Hand
The Fur Coat
Jewelry Store Robbery
Kingfish's Last Friend
Andy Buys a House
Amos Helps Out
Get Mama Married P1
Get Mama Married P2
The Happy Stevenses
Traffic Violation
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