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Bachelor Father (1957–1962)

Never-married attorney Bentley Gregg took on the task (with help from his "houseboy", Peter) of raising his young niece Kelly, after her parents died in an accident. The job was easier when Kelly was a little girl, but now she's in her teens, and beginning to date and venture into the adult world, while Bentley continues to juggle his career, looking after Kelly, and his own romantic life.
Season 1
Bentley and the P.T.A.
The Girl Scouts
The Lady Doctor
A Date with Kelly
Bentley and the Aunts
Revolving Housekeepers
Bentley Keeps His Promise
The Babysitter
Talent Contest
Bentley, the Homemaker
His Junior Image
Bentley Loans Out Peter
The Social Worker
A Sister For Kelly
Waiting Up for Kelly
Woman of the House
Peter Falls in Love
Prospective Son-In-Law
Bentley's Clubhouse
The Matchmaker

Season 2
Finishing School
Parent's Night
A Dog's Life
The Teenage Siren

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