Baretta (1975–1978)

Anthony Vincenzo "Tony" Baretta is an unorthodox plainclothes police detective with the 53rd Precinct in an unnamed, fictional city. He resides in Apartment 2C of the run-down King Edward Hotel with Fred, his Triton cockatoo. A master of disguise, Baretta wears many while performing his duties. When not working he usually wears a short-sleeve sweatshirt, casual slacks, a brown suede jacket and a newsboy cap.
Photography by John Doe
Set-Up City
Bite of the Apple
When Dues Come Down
Count the Days I'm Gone
A Serpent's Tooth
Left Hand of the Devil
Murder for Me
The Blood Bond
The Dippers
Death on the Run
Season 3
The Ninja
Like They Used To
Dear Tony
Crazy Annie
Nothin' for Nothin'
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