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Bat Masterson (1958-1961)

Bat Masterson was an American Western television series which showed a fictionalized account of the life of Bat Masterson. The title character was played by Gene Barry. The series had a tongue-in-cheek flair, with Barry's Masterson often dressed in expensive Eastern clothing and preferring to use his cane rather than a gun to get himself out of trouble. Masterson was also portrayed as a ladies' man who traveled the West looking for women and adventure. The full series is here.
Brunette Bombshell
Man of Action
Matter of Honor
Lottery of Death
The Death of Bat
The Secret is Death
Promised Land
The Conspiracy P1
The Conspiracy P2
The Black Pearls
The Desert Ship
The Romany Knives
Buffalo Kill
Season 2
To the Manner Born
Wanted: Dead
No Funeral for Thorn
Shakedown at St. Joe
Lady Luck
Bury My Violence?
Dead Men Don't
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