Note: Please Read This! Some of these videos were "over-recorded" the person who made digital files out of them allowed the programs to play to the end and then start over. Most of them end around the 50 minute mark.

Ben Casey (1961-1966)

Gritty realistic hospital drama featuring manly Dr. Casey against the medical establishment, at first under the watchful eye of Dr. Zorba and later under the thumb of Chief of Surgery Dr. Freeland. Stars: Vince Edwards, Sam Jaffe and Jeanne Bates.
Season 1
To the Pure
Linda Only Smiled
The Insolent Heart
A Lemon Tree
Glass of Water
Sound of Laughter
Brief Lines for Dave
A Gentle Lady
Good Friend Krikor
Kiss of Madness
A Certain Darkness
And If I Die
Candy Stripes
A Cruel Smile
A Proud Suitcase
Behold a Pale Horse
The Ladybug
Clocks Are Ticking
Girl Named Abilene
Less-Used Arm
Innocent Killing
An Evil Man

Season 2
The Cloud Watcher
Night That Nothing Happened
A Small Corruption
Legacy from a Stranger
Into the Night

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