The Betty White Show (1977)

Joyce Whitman (Betty White) lands the lead in a fictitious police series, Undercover Woman. Joyce is thrilled with the show, but less pleased to learn that the director is her ex-husband, John Elliot (John Hillerman), whom she unfondly refers to as "old pickle puss". He responds in kind, supplying his star with an oversized male double named Hugo (Charles Cyphers), a sexy, much younger onscreen sidekick (Caren Kaye), and dialogue not nearly as sharp as her tongue. Also on hand are Joyce's best friend, Mitzi Maloney (Georgia Engel), co-star actor Fletcher Huff (Barney Phillips) and network penny-pincher Doug Porterfield (Alex Henteloff). The entire series is here.
Undercover Police Woman
Mitzi's Cousin
Make Yourself at Home
Doug gets Fired
Were Not Divorced P1
Were Not Divorced P2
Mitzi's Jealousy
Good Night Sweet Fletch
John's Mother
Joyce The Match Maker
Joyce's Wedding
Fletchers Decision
Play Misty For John
The Stunt Woman
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