The Bill Dana Show (1963–1965)

The Bill Dana Show is a United States comedy series starring Bill Dana and Jonathan Harris. The plot follows the daily lifestyle of Latin American Jose Jimenez, as a bellhop in a New York City hotel. The show was a spin-off from Make Room For Daddy, which showed the character of Jose as an elevator operator before he became a bellhop.
Season 1
The Hypnotist
Jose the Stockholder
The Bank Hold-Up
Honeymoon Suite
Jose the Agent
Jose, the Astronaut
Mr. Phillips Watch
Jose's Dream Girl
A Tip for Uncle Sam
Eddie gets Fired
Speak for Yourself, Jose
Jose, the Matchmaker
Jose's Hot Dog Caper
The Hiring of Jose
Season 2
Blood from Two Turnips
What Elephant?
Jose, the Flower Thief
Jose's Inheritance
Beauty and the Bellhop
More to come!

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