Blondie (1957)

Blondie was the first of two TV series based on the comic strip. The show first aired on January 4, 1957 on NBC and ran for one season. Pamela Britton starred in the title role and Arthur Lake played Blondie's husband Dagwood Bumstead, reprising his role from the Blondie movie series. There is one missing episode which I will keep searching for.
Dagwood's Ego
Mr. Dithers is Hospitalized
Mr. Dithers Moves In
The Other Woman
Home Sweet Home
Get That Gun
The Feud
The Quiz Show
Husbands Once Removed
The Payoff Money
The Idol
Oil for the Lamps
Blondie the Breadwinner
The Rummage Sale
DeceptionPuppy Love
Made to Fire
Blondie Redecorates
Blondie's Double
The Spy
Cupid's Question Column
The Tramp
Follow That Man
The Party
Howdy, Neighbor
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