Bourbon Street Beat (1959-1960)

Bourbon Street Beat (1959-1960) was a private detective television series that aired on the ABC network starring Richard Long as Rex Randolph and Andrew Duggan as Cal Calhoun, with Arlene Howell as detective agency secretary Melody Lee Mercer and Van Williams as Kenny Madison. Randolph and Calhoun — Special Services was based in the Absinthe House, a French Quarter nightclub on the title street. The full series is here.
The Taste of Ashes
The Mourning Cloak
Torch Song for Trumpet
Woman in the River
Girl in Trouble
The Tiger Moth
Secret of Hyacinth Bayou
Invitation to a Murder
Mrs. Viner Vanishes
Light Touch of Terror
The Golden Beetle
The Black Magnolia
Portrait of Lenore
Kill with Kindness
Inside Man
Find My Face!
Knock on Any Tombstone
Key to the City
The 10% Blues
Melody in Diamonds
The House of Ledezan
Target of Hate
The Missing Queen
Neon Nightmare
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