Broadside (1964–1965)

Kind of a feminine version of "McHale's Navy" - produced by the same company. The series centered on the women of the Navy (WAVES) circa World War II, who found themselves transferred to an island in the South Pacific to run the motor pool in an otherwise all-male environment.
Don't Make Waves
Non-Permanent Wave
Kill 'Em with Kindness
Annie Shoots Down Cupid
Morgan's Secret Marriage
The Great Lipstick War
Adrian Gets Nipped
Morale of Molly McGuire
Anne Bugs the Enemy
Ranaka Flips Its Wig
My Son, the Egg
Selma, the Love Trap
The Obstacle Course
Behind the 8 Ball
The Stowawaves
The Wolfman Cometh
Aries to Chance
Adrian Goes Gung Ho
Arrival of Stanley Stubbs
Follow That Pigeon
Three Wishes
Phantom Staff Car
Adrian Gets the Boot
Filet on the Hoof
Great Ranakai Mutiny
Anne's Home Movies
Witchcraft a Go-Go
Once Upon an Island
Miss Ranakai
Operation Clip-Joint

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