Candid Camera (1948-2004)

Candid Camera was an American hidden camera/practical joke reality television series created and produced by Allen Funt, which initially began on radio as Candid Microphone June 28, 1947. After a series of theatrical film shorts, also titled Candid Microphone, Funt's concept came to television on August 10, 1948. Its last original broadcast was on May 5, 2004.
2 Kids Visit Santa
Kids Winking
Melting Spoon!
Moving Piano
The Restroom
Roll on a String!
Roman Statue
What's My Line?
Betty White Sells Tickets
Woody Allen's Welcome
Bed Swallows Customer
Juliet with Alan Funt
Demand Lower Pay!
Kids Pack for a Trip
PS41 in New York City
Squirting Grapefruit!
Crazy Airport Pages!
Teens Style Hair
Ali Meets the Kids
Restroom Lacks Plumbing!
Woody Allen's Love Letter
Allen Catches Ali
Ali in Disguise
Guardian Angel
Rice-Only Buffet
Stuck on Bank Line
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