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Cannon (1971–1976)

Cannon was an American detective television series that on CBS. William Conrad played the title character, private detective Frank Cannon. Cannon was portrayed in the series as a veteran of the Korean War and a former member of the Los Angeles Police Department. He was street smart but also appeared to have an unusually high level of education outside the law enforcement field. Besides his familiarity with several languages, he showed extensive knowledge of such diverse subjects as science, art and history. The full series is here.
Season 1
Salinas Jackpot
Death Chain
Call Unicorn
Country Blues
Scream of Silence
Fool's Gold
Electric Coffin
Dead Pigeon
Lonely Place to Die
A Shroud
Stone Cold Dead
Double Cross
Nowhere Man
Flight Plan
Devil's Playground
San Ignacio
Blood On the Vine
To Kill a Guinea Pig
The Island Caper
Deadly Quiet Town
Flight of Hawks
The Torch
Cain's Mark
Murder By Moonlight
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