Car 54, Where Are You? (1961–1963)

The misadventures of two of New York's finest (a Mutt and Jeff pair) in the mythical 53rd precinct in the Bronx. Toody, the short, stocky and dim-witted one either saves the day or muffs things up much to the chagrin of Muldoon, the tall, lanky and smart one. The entire series is here.
Season 1
Who's for Swordfish
Something Nice for Sol
Home Sweet Sing Sing
Change Your Partners
I Won't Go
Muldoon's Star
Paint Job
Love Finds Muldoon
The Gypsy Curse
Thirty Days Notice
Catch Me on the Paar Show
The Taming of Lucille
Put It in the Bank
Get Well, Officer Schnauser
Christmas at the 53rd
The Sacrifice
Boom Boom Boom
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