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Chico and the Man (1974-1978)

A hard-drinking Anglo widower, Ed (Jack Albertson) stubbornly refuses to fit in with the changing East L.A. neighborhood and has alienated most of the people who live around him. He uses ethnic slurs and berates Chico, a Latino, in an effort to get him to leave when Chico (Freddie Prinze)comes looking for a job. Yet Chico sees something in Ed, and sneaks back in at night to clean up the garage and move into an old van that Ed has parked inside.
Season 3
Della Moves In
2nd Coming of Della
Chico Packs His Bags
Chico's Problem
In Your Hat
Ed's Recuperation
Ed Brown vs. the IRS
Morgan and the Man
Mucho Macho Ed
Old is Gold
Ready When You Are
The Dress
A Minority of One
Champs Ain't Chumps
Chico's Padre
Black Tie Blues
Ed Talks to God
Peck Is a Rooster
Louie's Can-Can
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