China Smith (1954)

In China Smith (1954) a shrewd, charming, and disreputable Irish adventurer called William "China" Smith is based in Singapore. He can be hired cheap for jobs that require an insider's knowledge of the less polite neighborhoods of the Far East. Inspector Hobson of the Singapore police disapproves of him. To Hobson, Smith is a fellow named Davey Fitzgerald, wanted for treason in Ireland. Smith frequently charms information and money out of a cool and beautiful Eurasian woman known as Madame Shira, whom he calls "Empress".
The Adventures of
China Smith

Devil in the Godown
High Sea
Jungle Dragon
Kaprielian Cipher
A Golden Keel
Phantom Sampan
Shanghai Clipper
Straight Settlement
Year of the Phoenix
The New Adventures
of China Smith

Bandit of Malaya
Black Wings of the Fire Bird
Devil Chaser
Ferry to Kowloon
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