Santa's Helper (1957)

Christmas TV Shows

A collection of Christmas Episodes of some of the most popular shows of their times. Merry Christmas!
A Christmas Carol (1949)
Studio One: The Nativity (1952)
The Ruggles' Christmas Episode
All Star Theatre: Heart of Gold (1953)
Liberace Christmas Episode (1954)
The Boy Who Found Christmas (1955)
Paul Winchell Show: Christmas Special
Sherlock Holmes: Christmas Pudding (1955)
Your Hit Parade Christmas (1955)
Rin Tin Tin: Christmas Story (1955)
Jack Benny: Christmas Show (1957)
Betty White: Santa's Helper (1957)
Donna Reed: A Very Merry Christmas
Dragnet: A Gun For Christmas
You Ask For It Christmas
Ozzie/Harriet: Busy Christmas
Ozzie/Harriet: Boys' Christmas Money
Corliss Archer: Christmas Story
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