Please Note: These videos are from VHS tapes which means that they are sometimes poor quality, and many of them start with commercials or VHS set up screens. In some cases it takes a full minute for them to actually start the episode. Also, most of them are from a re-run version of the series that was called "Theater of the Stars".

Bob Home Presents Chrysler Theatre (1963-1967)

Legendary entertainer Bob Hope hosted, and occasionally starred in, one of the last major anthology series on network television. Dramatic and comedy shows were presented, featuring many of Hollywood's top names, including quite a few who didn't do much television otherwise. Many of these episodes were shown in reruns, usually as a summer replacement series, during the late 1960s and early 1970s.
7 Miles of Bad Road
Ivan Denisovich
It's Mental Work
Corridor 400
War of Nerves
White Snow, Red Ice
Case of Armed Robbery
The Sojourner
Think Pretty
Mr Biddle's Crime Wave
Shattered Glass
The Game
The Admiral
When Hell Froze
Massacre at Fort Kearney
The Fatal Mistake
Free of Charge
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