Clutch Cargo (1959)

Clutch Cargo is an American animated television series produced by Cambria Productions. The stories centered on adventurer Clutch Cargo, who was sent around the world on dangerous assignments. Accompanying him on the assignments were his young ward Spinner and his pet dachshund Paddlefoot. The show was the first to use the "Syncro-Vox" optical printing system. Syncro-Vox was invented by Edwin Gillette, television cameraman and partner in Cambria Studios, as a means of superimposing real human mouths on the faces of animals for the popular "talking animal" commercials of the 1950s. The entire series is here.
The Dragon Fly
Sky Circus
The Midget Submarine
Cliff Dwellers
Jungle Train
Space Station
The Swamp Swindlers
The Dinky Incas
Kangaroo Express
The Ivory Counterfeiters
Dynamite Fury
Alaskan Pilot
Swiss Mystery
Pirate Isle
Crop Dusters
The Smog Smuggler
Global Test Flight
Dead End Gulch
The Missing Mermaid
Flying Bus
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