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Daktari (1966-1969)

Daktari (Swahili for "doctor") is an American family drama series that aired on CBS between 1966 and 1969. The series follows the work of Dr. Marsh Tracy, a veterinarian at the fictional Wameru Study Centre for Animal Behaviour in East Africa, his daughter Paula, and his staff, who frequently protect animals from poachers and local officials. Tracy's pets, a cross-eyed lion named Clarence and a chimpanzee named Judy, were also popular characters. Stars: Marshall Thompson and Cheryl Miller.
Season 1
The Elephant Thieves
Predator of Wameru
Adventure of the Lion Cubs
Trail of the Cheetah
Leopard of Madla George
The Diamond Smugglers
Chimp Who Went Ape
The Killer Dog
The Man-Eater of Wameru
Crisis at the Compound
The Hostages
Judy and the Hyena
Wall of Flames P1
Wall of Flames P2
The Gunrunners

Season 2
Return of Clarence
Deadline to Kill
Hour of Peril

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