Make Room For Daddy (1953–1965)

The Danny Thomas Show (known as Make Room for Daddy during the first three seasons) was an American sitcom which ran from 1953-1957 on ABC and from 1957-1964 on CBS. In March 1953, Danny Thomas first signed the contract for the show with ABC and chose Desilu Studios to film it using its three-camera method. Stars: Danny Thomas, Rusty Hamer, Marjorie Lord and Angela Cartwright.
Season 1
Party Dress
Second Honeymoon
Visiting Englishman
The Sea Captain
Margaret's Job
Margaret's Jealousy
Margaret's Birthday

Season 2
Family Troubles
Hollywood Trip
Terry's Boyfriend
Margaret Feels Neglected
Childrens' Governess
Rusty Gets a Haircut

Peter Pan
A Trip to Wisconsin

Season 3
The Little League
Danny's Palladium Offer
Terry's Party
Who Can Figure Kids?
Don't Yell at Your Children
Danny Goes on a USO Tour

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