Dante (1960-1961)

Dante was a short-lived NBC adventure/drama television series starring Howard Duff as Willie Dante, a former gambler who operates Dante's Inferno, a San Francisco nightclub. Dick Powell had previously played Dante in eight episodes of his Four Star Playhouse drama series. Seven of those episodes are available on the Uncle Earl site. (See below...)
One for the Birds
Opening Night
The Feline Traveler
Dante's Dilemma
The Misfortune Cookie
San Quentin Quill
The Unclean Green
Bavarian Barbarians
Jolly Roger Cocktail
A Punch from Judy
Wine, Women & Willie
Dial D for Dante
Devil To Pay
Dante Rides Again
Aces and Eights
Light Lady, Dark Room
Not as a Canary
Pick a Peck of Diamonds
Dante in the Dark
Hunter with a Badge
Friendly Assassin
Sesame Key
Around a Dark Corner
Four Star Playhouse Dante Episodes with Dick Powell

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