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December Bride (1954-1959)

December Bride was a sitcom that aired on the CBS television network, adapted from the original CBS radio network series. December Bride centered around the adventures of Lily Ruskin, a spry widow (Spring Byington), who was not, in fact, a "December Bride" but very much desired to become one if the right man would come along. Harry Morgan as Pete Porter, whose character spun-off into a later hit series, Pete & Gladys, with Cara Williams. Note: Many of these videos are poor quality.
Season 1
Lily Arrives
Lily Is Bored
Chinese Dinner
My Soldier
Grunion Hunting
Lily's Mother-in-Law
Lily Hires a Maid
The Gigolo
Christmas Story
The Luau
Pay Her Way
Lily the Artist
Grandfather Clock
Uranium Show
Insurance Show
Surprise Party
The Breakup
Lily's Niece
Matt Cooks
Theater Tickets
The Line-Up
Other Couple
Lily's Song
Chicken Salad

Season 2
Boxing Show
The Wolf

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