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December Bride (1954-1959)

December Bride was a sitcom that aired on the CBS television network, adapted from the original CBS radio network series. December Bride centered around the adventures of Lily Ruskin, a spry widow (Spring Byington), who was not, in fact, a "December Bride" but very much desired to become one if the right man would come along. Harry Morgan as Pete Porter, whose character spun-off into a later hit series, Pete & Gladys, with Cara Williams. Note: Many of these videos are poor quality.
Ruth Neglects Matt
Skid Row
Big Game Hunter
Family Quarrel
High Sierras
Operation Coleslaw
Trailer Show
Matt's Movie Career
Rudy Vallee Show
The Texas Show P1
The Texas Show P2
The Texas Show P3
Sunken Den
The Wrestler
Gas Station
Ruth's Haircut
Beauty Pageant
The Matchmaker
Season 3
Marjorie Main Show
House on Blocks
Ritzy Neighborhood
The Prowler
The Jockey
The Indian Show
Man Town
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