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December Bride (1954-1959)

December Bride is a sitcom that aired on the CBS television network, adapted from the original CBS radio network series. December Bride centered around the adventures of Lily Ruskin, a spry widow (Spring Byington), who was not, in fact, a "December Bride" but very much desired to become one if the right man would come along. Harry Morgan as Pete Porter, whose character spun-off into a later hit series, Pete & Gladys, with Cara Williams. Note: Many of these videos are poor quality.
Lily on Boat
Matt-Pete Fight

Season 5
Alaska Show
Fenwick Arms
The Chimp Show

Beat Generation
Pete's Baby
Nurse's Fired
Hi-Fi Show
The Scotch Show
Lily Babysits
Ruth the Brain
The Texan
Linda on TV
Lily Goes Fishing
Lily Helps Twilly
Bald Baby
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