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Dennis the Menace (1959–1963)

The Comic misadventures of television's most well-meaning but misguided boy are back! The lovable Dennis Mitchell left a trail of chaos throughout his suburban neighborhood, yet managed to pry his way into the hearts of millions from week to week. Stars: Jay North, Herbert Anderson, Gloria Henry, Joseph Kearns
Season 3
Trouble from Mars
Best Neighbor
Keep off the Grass
Mr. Wilson's Safe
Haunted House
The School Play
50,000th Customer
The Pee Wee League
Mr. Wilson's Inheritance
Dennis Is a Genius
The Lucky Piece
15 Ft. Christmas Tree
Dennis' Bank Account
Thick and Thin
Calling All Bird Lovers
Silence Is Golden
Dennis Has a Fling
Frog Jumping Contest
Where There's a Will
Mr. Wilson's Uncle
A Quiet Evening
The Private Eye
Mr. Wilson's Housekeeper
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