Episode 1 - Hard Water

Diver Dan (1961)

Dan explores a magical undersea world "peopled" by talking fish and ruled by a beautiful and wise mermaid. Much of the drama is fueled by the nefarious Baron Barracuda and his henchfish Trigger who, "dripping" with evil intent, scheme to eliminate Dan and destroy the peace and serenity of the inhabitants. The entire series is here.
Hard Water
Goldie The Goldfish
Talking Fish
Skipper's Gold
Treasure Ship
Sawfish Rescue
The Octopus
Murder Ink
Bottomless Pit
Teetering Rock
Baron's Capture
An Unusual Treasure
Trigger's Revenge
An Unusual Fish
The Verdict
Horaces Dilemma
The Trap
The Trap is Sprung
Riddle of the Hermit Crab
Sargasso Sea
Lost in the Sargasso Sea
Current Flow
The Storm
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