Baptism of Fire (1943)

Documentary Feature Films

Inequalities In SC (1936)
The Battle Of Midway (1942)
The First of the Few (1942)
Report from the Aleutians (1943)
Desert Victory (1943)
Baptism of Fire (1943)
The Memphis Belle (1944)
Jungle War In Burma (1944)
Air Army Invades Germany (1945)
Allies Sign Control Law for Germany (1945)
The Last Bomb (1945)
The 6th Division on Okinawa (1945)
Liberation of Auschwitz (1945)
Auschwitz (1946)
Nevada A-Bomb Test (1952)
Electric Eel (1954)
The James Dean Story (1957)
Living with the Atom (1957)
Battle of the Bulge (1958)
Wonder of Water (1958)
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