Mr. Celebrity (1941)

Doris Day Films

Over the course of her career, Day appeared in 39 films. She was ranked the biggest box-office star, the only woman appearing on that list in the era, for four years (1960, 1962, 1963 and 1964), ranking in the top 10 for ten years (1951–1952 and 1959–1966).
Mr. Celebrity (1949)
Julie (1956)
Teachers Pet (1958)
Pillow Talk (1959)
Midnight Lace (1960)
Lover, Come Back (1961)
Move Over, Darling (1963)
Send Me No Flowers (1964)
Do Not Disturb (1965)
The Thrill of it All (1967)
Caprice (1967)
The Ballad of Josie (1967)
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