Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Presents (1953-1956)

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Presents was a syndicated half-hour dramatic anthology series. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. was the host, and he sometimes starred in episodes. A total of 117 episodes were filmed. The program was also broadcast in at least seven TV markets in Canada. The show was produced by Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Productions for NBC and was filmed at the British National Studios, Elstree, England. The program aired in America on NBC from 7 January 1953 to 11 February 1957 for a total of 155 episodes. Fairbanks himself starred in forty-eight episodes.
My Favorite Aunt
The Awakening
Long White Line
The Wedding
Blue Murder
A Fast Buck
Flight of Birds
The Dunce
The Murderer
Point of View
Play Me a Blue Note
To What Great Heights
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