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Dr. Kildare (1961–1966)

Dr. James Kildare is a fictional American medical doctor, originally created in the 1930s by the author Max Brand. The 1961-1966 Dr. Kildare television series made a star of Richard Chamberlain (also starring Raymond Massey) and gave birth to a comic book and comic strip based on the show. The first 4 Seasons consisted of 1 hour episodes, which were reduced to half-hour episodes in Season 5.
4 Feet in the Morning
The Pack Rat
The Backslider
Lots of Shade
The Oracle
A Vote of Confidence
Suspension of Disbelief
Tyger, Tyger P1
Tyger, Tyger P2
Never Too Old
Garlic and the Flowers
To Walk In Grace
Goodbye Mr. Jersey
Why Won't Anybody Listen
Child Between
100,000,000 Tomorrows
A Fickle Girl
Quid Pro Quo
Day to Remember
An Ungodly Act
Nickel's Worth of Prayer
Night of The Beast
Middle of Ernie Mann
Sense of Tempo
Speak Not In Angry
Dolly's Dilemma
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