Dusty's Trail (1973)

Dusty's Trail is an American Western/Comedy series that aired in syndication from September 1973 to March 1974. The series is set in the 19th century about a small group of travelers separated from their wagon train who become lost. Bob Denver as Dusty, the assistant to the leader of a wagon train, and Forrest Tucker as Mr. Callahan, his irascible boss.
Not So Magnificent 7
Noting Like a dame
Horse of Another Color
The Treasure
Duel for Daphne
Love Means Bananas
Then There Were Seven
Tomahawk Territory
Half Moon
Here Come the Grooms
The Magician
Androcles and the Bear
My Fair Callahan
Brookhaven U.S.A
Wizard of Ooze
Phony Express
Nothing to Crow About
Witches Trail
Cavalrys Coming
John J. Callahan
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