East Side/West Side (1963-1964)

Neil Brock is a young social worker in the slums of New York City. This dramatic series features stories about child abuse, drug abuse, rip-offs of the welfare system, crime, etc., i.e., all of the problems of the inner city. Stars: George C. Scott, Elizabeth Wilson, Cicely Tyson. The entire series is here.
The Sinner
Age of Consent
You Can't Beat the System
Something for the Girls
I before E except after C
No Wings at All
Who do you Kill
Go Fight City Hall
Not Bad for Openers
No Hiding Place
Where's Harry
My Child on Monday Morning
Creeps Live Here
The $5.98 Dress
The Beatnik and the Politician
One Drink at a Time
It's a War Man
Don't Grow Old
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