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Eight is Enough (1977–1981)

Eight Is Enough was an American television comedy-drama series that ran on ABC. The show was modeled on the life of syndicated newspaper columnist Tom Braden, a real-life parent with eight children, who wrote a book by the same title. The show centered on a family with eight children. The father, Tom Bradford was a newspaper columnist for the fictional Sacramento Register.
Moving Out
Mother's Rule
Inlaws and Outlaws
Just the Ten of Us
The Kid
Part of Valour
Different Drummers
The Final Days
Flights of Fancy P1
Flights of Fancy P2

Season 4
The Cupid Crisis
I Do, I Do, I Do
10 Ships in the Night
The Devil & Mr. Bradford
Big Shoes, Little Feet
Other Strangers P1

Other Strangers P2
Letter to One Bradford
Separate Ways
Brotherhood, Sisterhood
Mary, He's Married
The Prom Queen
The Courage to Be
Semi-Centennial Bradford
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