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Family (1976-1980)

Family features Sada Thompson and James Broderick as Kate and Doug Lawrence, a happily married middle-class couple living in Pasadena, California with their three children. Many well-known actors and actresses appeared on the series, including Ted Danson, Michael J. Fox, Tommy Lee Jones, James Woods, Michael Keaton, Kim Cattrall, Shelley Long, Henry Fonda, Mare Winningham, Helen Hunt, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Annie Potts and Steve Guttenberg.
Season 1
The Best Years
Monday is Forever
Special Kind of Loving
Right and Proper Goodbye
Thursday's Child
Point of Departure
Season 2
Coming Apart
Such Sweet Sorrow
Home Movie
Coming of Age
Jury Duty
The Cradle Will Fall
Skeleton in the Closet
First Day of Christmas
Rites of Friendship
An Eye to the Future
Lovers and Strangers
Return Engagement
Mirror on the Wall
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