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The Farmer's Daughter (1963-1966)

The Farmer's Daughter is an American sitcom, loosely based on the identically titled 1947 film, that was produced by Screen Gems Television and aired on ABC from September 20, 1963, to April 22, 1966. It was sponsored by Lark Cigarettes and Clairol, for whom the two leading stars often appeared at show's end promoting the products. It also enjoyed a brief run in syndication when it aired on CBN Cable in the 1980s.
Katy Gets Arrested
Christopher Columbus Who?
The One-Eyed Sloth
Young and In Love
The Morley Report
The Octopus
Next Mrs. Morley
Rendezvous for Two
My Son the Athlete
Mismatch Maker
Locket For Agatha

Season 2
The Waiting Game

The Mink Machine
Past Perfect
Scandal in Washington
On the Picket Line
Name of the Game
Help Not Wanted
Big Sultan, Little Sultan
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