Father Dowling Mysteries (1989-1991)

Father Dowling Mysteries was an American mystery television series, The show features a Catholic priest, Father Dowling, who solves murders, abductions and other mysteries in his Chicago parish, assisted by a young streetwise nun, Sister Stephanie, in spite of hindrance from the Bishop's representative, Father Prestwick. Starring: Tom Bosley as Father Frank Dowling, Tracy Nelson as Sister Stephanie "Steve" Oskowski, James Stephens as Father Philip Prestwick and Mary Wickes as Marie. The full series is here.
Falling Angel
Perfect Couple
The Confidence
Solid Gold Headache
The Legacy
Passionate Painter
Season 3
The Royal
The Medical
The Deep Blue Sea
The Showgirl
The Movie
Undercover Nun
Murder Weekend
Reasonable Doubt
Vanishing Victim
Fugitive Priest
Substitute Sister
Missing Witness
More Episodes

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