The Felony Squad (1966-1969)

The Felony Squad was a half-hour television crime drama originally broadcast on the ABC network from September 12, 1966, to January 31, 1969. The program starred Howard Duff (as Sergeant Sam Stone) and Dennis Cole (as Detective Jim Briggs) as investigators in a major crimes unit. The setting was an unidentified West Coast city. Duff's character was the veteran who was teaching his younger partner the nuances of life in this new facet of police work. Another main character was desk sergeant Dan Briggs (portrayed by Ben Alexander), the father of Cole's character.
Season 1
Paved with Quicksand
A Walk to Oblivion
The Broken Badge
Strike Out
Date with Terror
Flame Out
Immaculate Killer
Death of a Dream
Prologue to Murder
Terror Trap
Killer Instinct
Fear Below
A Two Bit Murder
Miss Reilly's Revenge
A Death for a Death
Night of the Shark P1
Night of the Shark P2
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