Fernwood 2 Night (1977)

Barth Gimble and Jerry Hubbard are the host of a talk show produced in the fictitious town of Fernwood, Ohio (also the setting of "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman"). The show featured parodies of guests that might appear on real talk shows, only with the twisted small-town mentality of Fernwood. Music was provide by the sad-faced Happy Kyne and his Mirthmakers. Creator: Norman Lear. Stars: Martin Mull, Fred Willard and Frank De Vol. The full series is here.
Talk to a Jew
Leisure Suits
Corporal Punishment P1
Corporal Punishment P2
Fascinating Females
Dogs for the Deaf
Congressman Chambers
No-Frills Hospitals
Ethnic Myths
Lillian Dunbar
Uncle Sam Jr. P1
Tony Rolletti
Breeding Athletes
Animal Sexuality
Gimble Tennis Classic
Miss Bun-N-Run
Land Deals
Uncle Sam, Jr. P2
Comedy Sales
Tom Waits
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