Fireball XL5 (1962-1963)

Fireball XL5 was a science fiction themed children's television show following the missions of spaceship Fireball XL5, commanded by Colonel Steve Zodiac of the World Space Patrol. The show featured the Andersons' Supermarionation, a form of puppetry first introduced in Four Feather Falls (1960) and Supercar (1961) and used again in their subsequent productions such as Stingray, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. The entire series is here.
Granatoid Tanks
Robot Freighter
Whistle for Danger
Trial by Robot
Space General
Invasion Earth
Faster Than Light
Day the Earth Froze
The Fire Fighters
Space City Special
Ghosts of Space
Hypnotic Sphere
Space Magnet
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