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The Flying Nun (1967–1970)

After the cancellation of Gidget, ABC wanted to keep Sally Field on the air. As a result, The Flying Nun was developed. The series centered on the adventures of a community of nuns in the Convent San Tanco in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The comic elements of the storyline were provided by the flying ability of a novice nun. Elsie Ethrington (Field) arrives in San Juan from New York and adopts the name of Sister Bertrille. She comes from a family of physicians, and is the only member of that family who did not follow in their footsteps. She joined the Convento, after being impressed by the missionary work of her aunt. The full series is here.
Season 1
The Flying Nun
The Convert
Old Cars for New
A Bell for San Tanco
The Fatal Hibiscus
Flight of the Dodo Bird
Crack in the Head
You and I Conspire
Days of Nuns and Roses
With Love from Irving
It's An Ill Wind
Young Man with a Cornette
Patron of Santa Thomasina
Keep Your Cornette Dry
The Dig In
A Winter Wonderland
Him, Who Needs
Tonio's Mother
A Fish Story
The Hot Spell
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