Ford Theater (1952–1957)

After a long run on radio and live television, a half-hour filmed version of the show returned to the airwaves on NBC for the 1951-52 season. At that time, production was moved from New York to Hollywood, and featured actors based there rather than on Broadway. During this period, Ford Theatre finished in the Nielsen ratings at number 30 for the 1952-1953 season, number seven in 1953-1954, number 9 in 1954-1955, and number 13 in 1955-1956. In 1954, Billboard voted it the best filmed network television drama series.
Years Ago
Too Many Things Happen
Kind Lady
Double Bet
Marraigeable Male
Daughter of Mine
Shadow of Truth
Too Old For Dolls
Garrity's Sons
Policy of Joe Aladdin
The Mumbys
Smattering of Bliss
Tin Can Skipper
Man Without Fear
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