Foreign Intrigue (1951–1955)

Foreign Intrigue (also known as Foreign Assignment) was a syndicated television series produced in Europe by Sheldon Reynolds. The 30-minute series ran for four seasons from 1951 to 1955, producing 156 episodes. The series was set in post-Second World War Europe and dealt with spies and various other shady underworld characters. Stars: Jerome Thor, James Daly, Gerald Mohr.
Season 1
At the Airport
Flea Market
The Radio Message
The Steel Baron
Ghost in the Valley
The Sawmill
The Traitor
Season 2
Linetski Forest
The Code Room
Sleepy Village
The Stolen Bid
Diamond Bullet
Season 3
International Spies
Hall of Justice
The Benefactor
Double Exposure
The Prophet
Mills of God
Missing Official
Season 4
More to come (I hope...)

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