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The Gale Storm Show (aka Oh Susanna) (1956-1960)

The Gale Storm Show starred Gale Storm. The series, based on a cruise director, Susanna Pomeroy, on a ship travelling around the world, premiered in 1956, and ran until 1960, initially on CBS and in its last year on ABC. Co-star, Zazu Pitts played Susanna's friend and ship's hairdresser, "Nugey".
Alp, Alp
Hit in Tahiti

Season 2
Susanna Plays Cupid
Pirate Treasure
Susanna Stikes Oil
Its Only Money
Honolulu Honeymoon

Susanna's Baby
Lass in Alaska
The Phantom Valise
For Love or Money
Aladdin's Lamp
Dutch Treatment
Susanna Goes Native
Friday the Thirteenth
Ouija Board
Angela, the Angel
Lovey Dovey
Chinese Puzzle
Takes a Husband
Taking Ways
Bamboozled in Bombay
Innocents Abroad
Beat the Band
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