The Garry Moore Show

The Garry Moore Show is the name for several separate American variety series on the CBS television network in the 1950s and 1960s. Hosted by experienced radio performer Garry Moore, the series helped launch the careers of many comedic talents, such as Dorothy Loudon, Don Adams, George Gobel, Carol Burnett, Don Knotts, Lee Goodman, James Kirkwood, Jr. and Jonathan Winters. The Garry Moore Show garnered a number of Emmy nominations and wins.
December 7, 1951
February 23, 1955
October 25, 1960
December 27, 1960
April 4, 1961
April 11, 1961
April 18, 1961
May 22, 1961
October 10, 1961
May 29, 1962
December 24, 1963
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