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The Gene Autry Show (1950–1955)

Gene Autry had already established his singing cowboy character on radio and the movies. Now he and his horse Champion were featured in a weekly series of western adventures. Gene's role changed almost weekly from rancher, to ranch hand, to sheriff, to border agent, etc. Gene's sidekick, Pat, was played by Pat Buttram. During the first season, Gene's sidekick was played by Chill Wills twice (as Chill) and by Fuzzy Knight four times (as Sagebrush).
Season 1
Head for Texas
Gold Dust Charlie
The Silver Arrow
The Doodle Bug
The Star Toter
The Double Switch
Blackwater Valley Feud
Doublecross Valley
The Posse
6-shooter Sweepstakes
The Lost Chance
The Black Rider
Gun Powder Range
The Breakup
Twisted Trails
Fight at Peaceful Mesa
Hot Lead
The Gray Dude
The Killer Horse
The Peacemaker
Double Barreled
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