Gidget (1984-1986)

Gidget (1965-1966) was an American sitcom by Screen Gems about a surfing, boy-crazy teenager called "Gidget" and her widowed father Russ Lawrence, a UCLA professor. Sally Field stars as Gidget with Don Porter as father Russell Lawrence.
The television series was based upon concepts and characters created by Frederick Kohner in a 1957 novel Gidget, the Little Girl with Big Ideas, based upon the adventures of his teenage daughter Kathy. The full series is here.
Dear Diary
In God We Trust
The Great Kahuna
Daddy Come Home
Gidget Gadget
My Kingdom
A Proper Noun
Image Scrimmage
Love or Symbiosis?
Best Diseases Are Taken
Faithful Friend
Chivalry Isn't Dead
The War Between
Foreign Policy
There's a Face
Too Many Cooks
I Love You, I Think
Like Voodoo
Gidget's Career
With the In-Laws
We Got Each Other
Operation Shaggy Dog
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