The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams (1977-1978)

The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams was a 1974 independent feature film inspired by a 1972 historical fiction novella written by Charles E. Sellier Jr. The film's popularity led to an NBC television series of the same name. The title character, played by Dan Haggerty, was loosely based on California mountain man James "Grizzly" Adams (1812-1860), a frontier woodsman who fled into the mountains after he was wrongly accused of murder. While struggling to survive, Adams saved an orphaned grizzly bear cub he adopted and named Ben. The entire series ie here.
Season 1
Adam's Cub
Blood Brothers
The Fugitive
Unwelcome Neighbor
I'm Mad Jack
Adam's Ark
Redemption of Ben
The Tenderfoot
The Rivals
The Unholy Beast
Beaver Dam
Home of the Hawk
The Storm

Season 2
Hot Air Hero

A Bear's Life
The Trial
The Orphans
The Search
The Cougar
More Episodes

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