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The Hardy Boys (1956-1957)

In the late 1950s, Disney contracted with the Stratemeyer Syndicate and Grosset & Dunlap to produce two Hardy Boys TV serials, starring Tim Considine and Tommy Kirk. The first of the serials, The Mystery of the Applegate Treasure, was aired on The Mickey Mouse Club in 1956 during the show's second season. To appeal to the show's audience, the Hardy Boys were portrayed as younger than in the books, seeming to be twelve or thirteen years old (Considine was 15 and Kirk was 14 during filming). The Mystery of Ghost Farm, followed in 1957, with an original story by Jackson Gillis. However, for unknown reasons, no more serials were produced.
The Stranger
A Real Case
The First Clue
The Fugitive
Applegate's Gold
Dig for Treasure
A Pirate's Chest
Boys in Trouble
Female Detective
Iola's Bravery
Footsteps in the Tower
The Prisoner Speaks
Strange Confession
A Golden Clue
The Final Search
The Tower's Secret
Never Say Die
Boys in Danger
The Tower Treasure
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